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The Story of Patti and Kathi

Friendship… the kind that endures and lasts a lifetime. The kind that weathers all of the ups and downs life throws in our paths. This is what bonds us together.

Meeting in our teens, we shared life’s experiences and even when our individual paths took us in different directions, we always remained integral in one another’s lives. There was always a sense that one day we would embark on a monumental journey together. Then that day came when inspiration invited us to take this wild ride. At first it was a game to us but it soon became evident that we could turn the concept of Five Words Or Less into a mindset of popular culture, and the FWOL Brand was born.

Our dream began to create a company that would foster generosity and encourage everyone to creatively express themselves in Five-Words-Or-Less. Building a community where the words we choose are powerful, is the foundation of what we represent.

We are excited to bring the FWOL vision to you. Your words also matter, and we look forward to hearing them. In the future, FWOL will choose our supporters Five Words Or Less to be used in future campaigns. If your Words are chosen you can decide what charitable organization will benefit from your inspirational thought.

Please visit our “Add Your Words” page and express yourself.

“Words Can Make A Difference”