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Simply put, this page is for You…

I Am Truly Blessed

I always feel my parents around me. I always wear a necklace that says
I Am Blessed , my license plate is Blesd711. (My mom passing day.)She is always around me and thats a wonderful feeling????
Also I am always being guided by angels and the universe in my life and journey ????

Rita Paulino

Be Excellent To Each Other

Said Abraham Lincoln in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Fiction, yes, but it is a reminder to strive to treat each other with respect and compassion.

Michele Esselborn

Bend But Never Break

Sometimes you have to give a little. But never give too much of yourself where you compromise your inner being.


Yoga your way through it

Veronika Granda

Live and let live

Rande Thompson

Be Your Own Boss

You are in charge of your own destiny. You decide where you want your life to take you, and by focusing on what drives you. P.S. Stay healthy and wealthy, Bob (It'$ a Goot Thing)


Kick scleroderma to the curb

Those of us with it may have an incurable disease, but we can have a positive mindset.

Jenn Dodd

Love is stronger than Hate

Michele Kivolowitz

Accentuate the Positive

Practice positive thinking: The more we think positive thoughts, the less room there is any negative ones. Remember the good times. Be positive, be happy.

Michele Ess

Gone But Never Forgotten


Love Deep Like The Ocean

julie ugarte

We Are One

Judy Goldberg

Step through the open door

I have passed up many opportunities in my life due to fear. Some I now regret, most I just wonder how they may have changed my life for the better. The people I know who take chances and risks not giving a thought to possible failure, are some of the most fulfilled happy people I know. Perhaps if more of us lived this way, the world would not be such a miserable place!

Lisa Kramer

Silly is sexy

The people I love most are silly and goofy, including myself. There's a sense of freedom and appreciation when you allow yourself to let go and be playful. The older I get the less serious I am, the happier I become.

Lisa Kramer

Listen with your heart

This is compassion......plain and simple. There's just not enough of it in the world.

Lisa Kramer

Everything Happens for a Reason

We are only given what we can handle. God may test us and we don't understand, but there is a reason everything happens.

Jerri Ernest

Make Your Dreams A Reality

Teresa Perez

Cure Scleroderma: Research Matters Most

Sally Connolly

Scleroderma has changed my life!!!

I was diagnosed 11 years ago with systemic Scleroderma! It has slowly but steadily changed my life!

Denise G. Scoggins

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Life is too short to be stressing. God placed us on this earth for a reason and that is a blessing. So take all of your worries away and do what makes you happy– settle for nothing less than happiness. 🙂

Raiven Butler

Celebrate friends, family and survival

Nicole Zizelis

Life is a Dance

Jane Greene

It is what it is

You need to deal with what life throws your way.

Linda Fishman

Follow this beautiful mission

When I first saw these words I was truly touched.  It is a code to live by.

Lisa zavala